4 Sharara Designs to Wear on Mehndi

The trend of sharara started long ago in fabric industry and still it is managing to survive and rise mixed with some more relating designs these days. It was so much in trend a decade ago but now it is coming back in fashion. Most of the people wear Sharara on some festive event like Eid, weddings mostly in Mehndi events and also in nikkah functions. Basically it is a classic outfit which most of the women prefer to wear on Mehndi functions to adapt with the embryonic tradition and with the astonishing colors of the colorful event.

  • Straight sharara with heavy detailing on border:

Indian Straight Shararas are most popularly known for its broad work on the end of sharara with combination of an intricate normal length kameez. Some of the sharara comes with a broad lace studded with pearl and stones on it. The lace is wide enough to cover the border thus giving it a unique and flabbergasting look. The combination with intricate pattern looks so unique and good. While the dupatta with such design comes with heavy work which gives a proper traditional look to the women and the selection of proper color combination adds more beauty to the overall look.

  • Tight knee Fitting:

Sharara with long kameez look suits more than short Kurtis as it reflects the glam and color from top to bottom. It is one of the famous mehndi dresses in south east Asia. Other than that long coat with short Kurtis are also advisable for perfect glam look on Mehndi functions. The dark colors can be selected for long coat while the color of kurti must be kept neutral such as yellow, skin, golden etc. The sharara unlike Indian sharara aren’t straight like a wide trouser but it gives a curly appearance due to the tight fitting of fabric from part of knees. The work on outer coat can be kept embroidered while the sharara is kept less embroidered as it will give a messy look if both upper and lower apparels are highly studded with stone work.

  • Floral pattern and Short kameez:

Some of the people keep their focus on the floral pattern while keeping the kurti simple. The floral pattern is quite trending these days as many brides go for such shararas on their Mehndi event. This type of Sharara is kept tight from the knee angle.
It is something different from all other styles of shararas as the details on dupatta and kurti are kept neutral, not too high not too low. As the focus of people these days have diverted from heavy details to minimum details on fabric which gives a decent look indeed. Most of the color combinations used in the floral pattern is orange and pink and yellow in rare cases.

  • Light detailing Pakistani Sharara:

Pakistani shararas are quite easy to carry as they are designed loose and with wide space available from knee section so that the women who have some weight related issues can easily go with it. It falls a bit heavy at the edges so it doesn’t make the women look heavier or obese but it balances the overall look of women. Light colors such as peach, baby pink are highly recommended for these kind of shararas with light embroidery or light detailing both on kameez and sharara.

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