5 best fashionable politician profiles on twitter

Twitter is one of the mostly used social media platform where people connect each other. Artists, politicians and many other famous personalities communicate with their followers through twitter. Initially posts on twitter were restricted up to 140 characters. But it has been increased and become double in 2017 containing 280 characters.

Politicians on twitter

Politician in different countries maintain twitter account for communicating with nation. They notify their nation with important notifications. They discuss all political and national events with their followers. Tweeting is a way of getting opinion about all matters for them. They remain active on social media for their followers. Here we discuss some famous politicians on Twitter. These are as follows:

  1. Barak Obama

He has 47.3 million followers on twitter. This US president started twitting on twitter after 3 years of coming in politics. He joined social media when he introduced himself in election campaign of 2008. He did not join twitter since 2011. He twitted for the first time in 2011. One of his tweets got renowned when he won in election of November 2012. He got 210 leaders worldwide as followers.

  • Abdullah Gul

He is one the famous leaders who maintained his profile for connecting with people on twitter. He is a leader of turkey. He apposed Turkish telecommunication authority when authority banned twitter in turkey. Gul tweeted on March 21 that social media cannot be banned and its shutdown cannot be approved.

  • Rania Al Abdullah

She is wife of king Abdullah and known as queen of Jordon.  She has 3.2 million followers on twitter. She tweets for both her personal and political life on social media. She started twitting in 2009 when she became queen of Jordon. She posts photos with her family on different social media platform. She tweets about political issues, health and empowerment issues.

  • HH Sheikh Muhammad

He is leader of United Arab Emirates. He is one of the active political personalities on twitter. He posts about different nations issue. He tweets on both Arabic and English. Focus of his topics is about UAE policies and events. He shares information about all worldwide affairs. One of his renowned tweet is about congratulating UAE for expo 2020.

  • Nicolas Madura

He is leader of Venezuela having 2 million followers on twitter. He is second best political leader worldwide. He has got 2065 retweets on his posts of twitter Spanish account.  He has created twitter account in other languages also. His popular tweet was posted at 2013 that grabbed many followers.

So these political leaders are famous on twitter due to their tweets and active participation. There are many other political leaders who are famous on twitter. Bernie Sanders is one of those names whose active participation on social media grabbed millions of followers. Nations like those political leaders who communicate with people through social media actively. It is because of reason that people want to know what is going on in politics and what is better for nation development.