5 Fun Date Night Ideas!

We’re here with some inspiration for 5 really fun date night ideas! It can be hard to think of fun dates on the spot, so we’ve got you covered with our ideas. Whether you want something cool and casual you can throw on a tracksuit for or to get all dressed up in your going out dresses, we’ve got you covered!

Go For A Sunrise Picnic

If you’re an early riser or you love the sunset, our first fun date night idea is to go for a sunrise picnic! Choose a local beauty spot, figure out what time the sun rises in your area (for most places in the summer this will be around 5am) and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get there so you see the whole thing! Wear comfy clothing and pack a blanket, pastries, fruit, orange juice, smoothies and coffee then watch the sunrise. This will be such a special memory and something really different.

Go On A Ghost Tour

For those couples who are a fan of horror movies, a ghost tour is the perfect date! Prepare for things to get spooky and we wouldn’t recommend these if you scare easily, but you will get to see some creepy places and learn about lots of different conspiracy theories for that particular place. This is something really fun and different to try!

Head To A Blues Club

If you love to let your hair down and have a good dance on date night, then you’ve got to head to a blues club. The talent in these clubs is exceptional, you can get all dressed up in your favourite bodycon dresses, and have the time of your life dancing away to the best music out there. Go for a few cocktails and some tapas before to help get you into the mood for a dance!

Go Out For The Day Taking Photos

Another great date night idea if you want to have something to remember the day by is to go out for the day taking photos. Go somewhere with beautiful scenery nearby, maybe a forest or lake, both take your phone cameras with you and spend the day exploring and taking photos. Take a picnic with you in case you get hungry! Then, when you get home, you can go through the photos you have taken, choose a few of your favourites and create a mini scrapbook to remember your day. This is such a cute date idea and with the photos, you can always look back and cherish the memories.

Go On A Pub Crawl

If you like to drink and you want to explore some pubs in a new area, then going on a pub crawl is the best way to do so! Plan a route with different pubs along the way and decide on a drink you will both have in each pub. Take a pack of cards with you, enjoy some great pub food and just have a relaxing afternoon where you can both properly catch up and spend some quality time together.

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