A step by step guide on how to apply makeup

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Applying on makeup may seem to be an easy task to ace, but let’s be honest it can be a lot more intimidating for starters. For people who do not have a fair idea on how to go about things, they might not be comfortable on doing the job on their own. People usually prefer on watching long and complex YouTube tutorials that are of no good use. They have absolutely no idea of whether they have to apply the mascara first or the foundation and they might end up making a fool of themselves. You can also learn how to apply makeup classes in Melbourne. Here’s a simple guide on how they can ace their makeup;

  1. moisturize their skins before they apply anything. Apply a hydrating cream automatically makes all your makeup look fresh and on point.

  2. application of foundation are at times too prominent and they leave dark shades that look extremely bad. Make sure you use a brush rather than your fingers to apply.

  3. blush is one of the favorite parts for any girl. Just a puff on either sides and you are good to go. Try and use brighter colors for the blush in case you have an overall sober outlook. However, a sober blush will go well if you have applied brighter foundation and shadow initially.