How to choose accessories for your wedding guest look

Whether you are dressing for a wedding and have already decided what to wear, but you do not have the accessories, this post can be of assistance. In many cases, the accessories we own do not complement the outfit we have chosen, so it is time to pick out accessories that are complementary to our outfit of chrome hearts clothing for the wedding we will be attending.

The dress for the wedding is already chosen, but what about the accessories? Will they go with my outfit? With the mentioned points you will understand how to accessories best.

  1. Accessories that are essential

Do not wear overstuffed jewelry, since that looked great in the 80’s, but rather pay attention to choosing the accessories that match your dress, including bags, shoes, and jewelry. Elegant, but not excessive. As someone who likes certain things, it doesn’t always work for him, so we have to be honest with ourselves and see what’s included and what’s not.


Choose ones that will work perfectly for the celebration. You could wear a medium heel during the day, and if it is more in the evening, you should wear a taller heel, even with a little platform.


Choosing the topic for our bag is not always easy; we often have doubts about whether the choice we make will be the right one. If you want a basic bag or clutch, choose one that will fit perfectly with your outfit, it won’t stand out too much and will have a color that matches your shoes and dress. There are three colors that will always triumph and blend perfectly: silver, gold, and copper.


In terms of jewelry, we will be putting special emphasis on earrings, which are the prevailing accessories today, and which can be worn in a range of sizes based on the item. When you have your hair up, a pair of earrings in a maxi length will look fabulous. You should decide what you will wear based on whether the wedding is at night or day; by day, wear them discreetly with a headdress matching your hairstyle; by night, wear some bright ones that will catch everyone’s attention!

2.    Accessories less important

Every detail here counts, so you should also consider secondary accessories when assembling your outfit, which you can choose whether or not to include. These include necklaces, bracelets, watches, and hats.

Include colorful accessories for a daytime wedding. For a nighttime wedding, golden and silver metallic are suitable. Mixing them up is not acceptable, unless you want to match your dress. In the case that your earrings are very large and flashy, you should avoid wearing a necklace. You don’t have to be wearing a coat or a dress to make the earrings stand out, especially if its winter and you’ll need to cover up. The earrings will always be visible even if you are wearing on Henley shirt men outlet.

3.    Colors make a difference

The colors you chose for your dress and shoes will undoubtedly determine that of your primary and secondary accessories when the time comes, since they will be the perfect complements. The first step is to determine the primary colors you’re using, and then based on those, choose the color of the accessories. You should be familiar with the rule of the three colors, which specifies that one color is the predominant one while the other two are secondary.

4.    You must follow the protocol

When it comes to wedding attire, you must understand the protocol. If the wedding is during the day, you can wear accessories such as hats and flower headpieces; at night, you can wear a sparkling detail on the head or your hairstyle done with more care.