How to feel good about being single for Valentine’s Day

Whether you’ve been single for a long time, or it’s your first Valentine without a lover, it’s not the most fun way to spend this holiday. We know that most probably, all of your coupled up friends have their date nights and wholesome plans, and you’re thinking of how to make this holiday more enjoyable. We got you! In this article, we have some suggestions on how to feel better about being single on Valentine’s Day. It’s time to prove to yourself that this holiday is not just for couples, and that you can get to love it just as much while being single. Make sure you check Cosmopolitan for a history and guide of Galentine’s Day as well, it would be the best holiday for all the single ladies.


Throw a party


Following Galentine’s concept, throwing a party for Valentine’s Day would be a good way to celebrate it with your friends. You can have an all singles party; you can throw a girl’s night or you can even find a cool theme. If you wanna make it all about pink hearts and love songs, you can totally do that, but you can also have an anti-valentine themed party. You will find a lot of ideas online, just make sure you have some fun cocktails and a couple of card games and you’re set to have a good time. If you decide to have a girl’s night, you might as well turn it into a slumber party, they’re always a good idea.


Do some shopping


Now, this might not be the healthiest coping mechanism out there, but from time to time, doing a little financial damage for the purpose of feeling better, is allowed. You can use the fact that you are single for Valentine’s Day as an excuse to get yourself a gift. Call it self-love and you’re fine. You can get some new clothes, throw yourself a spa day or even splurge on something you’ve wanted to get for a long time. The safest option would be to stick to clothes, as they are practical and not that expensive. Some of our suggestions are to get quality pieces, such as woolen garments: they are perfect for this time of year and they can totally be justified as good investments. Not that you need to justify it, it’s Valentine’s Day, you deserve it!


Write yourself a letter


If the first two options worked well as a distraction, this one is for the emotional ones who like to explore their feelings. Being at peace with being single on Valentine’s Day is a great feeling, and a good way to do that is to start your own tradition. There are a lot of websites that allow you to write a letter and schedule it to be sent to your email whenever you want it to. This is a great way to celebrate this holiday with yourself. You can write down your goals and next year check if you achieved them. Doing this every year on Valentine’s will make this holiday more exciting.


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