Let’s See What Amber Stone Is?

Amber stone is a type of stone from plants that turns into a kind of sap, is from a prehistoric tree with the Latin name pine succinifera, the same height as today’s pine trees. This tree grows in the jungles of Europe and the Indonesian island of Borneo for millions of years dripping sap (a kind of resign) drop by drop which gradually freezes and becomes petrified stone. Because it sinks into the layers of the earth like other minerals, it is aligned with the types of mining goods. also read Diamond Lightning Stones and Diamond Sandstone.

In the days of Hippocrates in Ancient Greece, amber was used as a means of treatment. In China, amber is burned for oil and used as a fragrance / perfume. The word Amber itself comes from German words which mean “Stone that can be burned” like gum resin. In graves on the continent of Europe many found various amber stones used as ornamental ornaments.

There is also a unique amber found in animals that have died and have been hunted, only locally in countries like the East Coast of England, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, France, Austria. On the continent of Africa. In Indonesia alone, this amber stone can be found in Kalimantan (Sawar Ambar). The prices of Tread Jalak Agate are very varied, sold for 200 thousand to 400 thousand. The high and low price of amber is seen from the historical value of animals found on the inside of the stone, the older the animal is, the more expensive the price of this stone. This amber is very popular with Europeans there, they use this amber stone as a decoration of their residence so that it looks unique.

Price of Amber Stone

Currently Baltic Proud sale of amber in the market and jewelry stores ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. Amber Stone prices for dimensions 28 x 21 x 10 mm are sold for $ 50, while the price of amber boulders reaches $ 100 / kg.

Characteristics of the Authenticity of the Amber Stone

  • Has a distinctive color that is reddish yellow sometimes containing animals and plant material as inclusions because it is trapped inside the sap before fossilizing.
  • Contains aetherisch oil which is commonly called barnsteen oil or amber oil or barnsteenzuur.
  • The hard value of 2 in Mohs’s hard list and has an amorphous crystal structure and weighs heavier than water.
  • If this amber is heated it becomes soft and expands and broadcasts a pleasant odor. Sometimes if it’s too hot, it can burn out.
  • If it is rubbed with lijnolie it becomes soft or soft without being crushed, easily folded up so that it is also easy to make women’s jewelry.
  • If someone rubs this amber with a cloth, it will become magnetic and can pull small pieces of paper.
  • Amber if soaked in water or alcohol will not be destroyed.
  • Amber often has inclusions in the form of insects and plants.

How to Take Care of Amber Stones

In maintaining and caring for this Amber stone, you can simply clean it using soapy water and brush it slowly. The energy of this Amber will not fade, because it has been processed in such a way by Queen Aura that you can clean it at any time if you want.

Efficacy of Amber Stone

Ancient amber is believed to be burned if it can clean the air around, especially during childbirth, this stone is also believed to be healthy for the eyes if seen continuously. The following are the benefits, efficacy and function of Amber stone:

  • Treat skin diseases
  • Streamlining blood circulation
  • Relieve joint pain
  • Strengthens the stomach
  • Awaken Inner Beauty for Women and Awesome Personality for Men.
  • Can perpetuate romance
  • Increase intimacy and love for lovers
  • This stone strengthens the soul and fosters security in oneself.
  • Keep yourself in the right way and attitude.
  • Protect the owner from the attack of wild animals while in the thicket forest.

But belief problems are a personal matter, depending on each person. Even if the Amber stone has properties, it is a gift from God the Almighty – not merely the strength of the stone itself.

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