Mens Fashion Brands On The Rise In 2022

There are many brands out there that a man can wear. Furthermore, a lot of them look the same as each other. The brands that stand out are the ones that have their style.

The perk of fashion now is that we don’t need to go into a store to buy clothes. The internet allows us to find endless stock of our favourite brands.

Keeping up with fashion trends is easier than ever due to shopping online. However, trends come and go more than ever.

Here are some of the biggest fashion trends a man can buy in 2022.

King & Tuckfield

Stacey Wood, the founder of King & Tuckfield, developed an obsession with knitwear and denim clothing. For four years, she has kept to the same style as she continues growing her clothing brand. Furthermore, it is a brand that designs its clothing here in the UK instead of shipping clothes from overseas, hence why it is better than its competitors. These styles are a throwback to the 1950s with King & Tuckfield and ensure premium materials are used for every garment designed.

A Day’s March

Affordable clothing that guarantees quality. A Day’s March is a brand that is trending in the UK. These fantastic garments stand out from the rest, with a Scandinavian twist to menswear. Furthermore, their speciality is overshirts which is a menswear trend in recent years and are perfect for your autumn outfits.

Ader Error

South Korea has been a common nationality for streetwear in recent years. That is why Ader Error is on trend due to their simple streetwear clothing. Furthermore, it is one of the most hyped contemporary brands that combines streetwear with everyday pieces. If you are new to South Korean fashion then do not worry as their designs are simple.

Les Basics

Les Basics is an upcoming brand in recent years, specialising in staple pieces such as oversized men’s hoodies, crew neck jumpers and simple plain tees. Although this menswear brand is relatively new, it still understands how essential simple clothing is and doesn’t go crazy with vibrant colours and bold logos. 


Streetwear is very much on-trend and has been for the last 20 years. It is a trend that seems to be getting more popular as other trends pass by. This London-based brand aims for its clothing to be more practical rather than stylish. Nonetheless, their no-frills designs are what make them so popular as their clothing is practical and on-trend.

God’s Gift

God’s gift is another brand that is on the rise although it is still relatively new to the market. This fashion label combines contemporary fashion and luxury streetwear styles. It is one of the more premium brands on this list but one thing you can guarantee is the quality. Their simplistic tracksuits are the ultimate style for streetwear however they specialise in designer t-shirts, jackets and other stylish garments


Menswear fashion has changed a lot over the years. Furthermore, there is a wide array of styles that a man can now wear. Streetwear seems to be the most significant trend at the moment with menswear however, don’t be surprised if you see people wearing a contemporary and simplistic style either.

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