Simple and timeless with natural materials

Using timeless pieces in your wardrobe is indispensable. It’s nice to have a base in your wardrobe and build from there. Natural materials play a major role in this. When you go to a cheap clothing store you often run into synthetic fabrics that do not feel nice on the skin. In addition, the fabrics ensure that the skin can ‘breathe’ less because it is not moisture-absorbing. For example, when you wear sweaters made of natural fibers, you will see that this does not bother you. In addition, wool sweaters, for example, are not only moisture-absorbent, but they also insulate heat. Especially when it’s cold outside, it’s nice to build up different layers of knitwear so you don’t get cold as quickly. A knit can be a chunky knit sweater, but it can also be a t-shirt.

A good turtleneck as a base

A sweater can often serve as a base, especially in winter. With a t-shirt or shirt underneath for extra warmth, this is very nice to wear. From here you can further expand your wardrobe. For example, you can wear a cardigan to make it more interesting or to prevent the cold, but you can also use different accessories to take the entire outfit to a higher level. You can do this, for example, by using watches or putting on an interesting pair of shoes. People often opt for a knitted woolen sweater, but a turtleneck can also be a very good and simple basis. You can wear it with anything for an extra layer. There are also different colors that you can experiment with to see which combinations you find interesting. Aurélien is a brand that sells sweaters, t-shirts and turtlenecks.

Quality and luxury: all in one

Investing in beautiful clothes can help you achieve a certain goal. You care a little more about your appearance and about looking well-groomed. But you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. Of course that is all possible. You can look good without much effort in the morning. This starts with the purchase itself. You can choose to shop at a clothing brand that feels passion for the people who want to feel confident in clothes and value quality. Not only tops, but also pants, shoes and accessories.


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