The Bridal Makeup Trends in 2019 That You Should Know

Just like any part of wedding planning, which is highly stressful and overwhelming, one of the most critical elements is finding an appropriate bridal makeup look that will make you look like stunningly beautiful. 

You will be able to incorporate personal style with modern and elegant perspective so that you can look fabulous during your best night ever.  

It does not matter if you wish to go for a more modern or classy perspective, because makeup is something that will make you stand out from others, apart from the dress of course. 

So before you decide to check out for best makeup artist for NYC wedding, you should learn about most prominent wedding makeup trends that will help you along the way.  

From defined brows to bold lips and trendy metallic, you can find a perfect match that will represent both your style and personality by allowing natural beauty to shine everyone on this special occasion.  

  1. Focal Feature 

It does not matter if you wish to highlight your cheekbones, brows, lips or eyes, because one of the most critical trends in 2019 is to enhance your natural look and focus features that will make you appear more beautiful than before. 

It does not matter in which season you wish to get married, because it is vital to present your natural perspective and accentuate features that will increase your aesthetical appeal.  

For instance, soft lips in combination with smokey eyes or bold lips in conjunction with soft eye makeup are perfect choices that you can consider for your wedding day. 

  1. Healthy Skin 

Most experts agree with the idea that brides are always trying to avoid showing their skin and instead are taking a heavy foundation of makeup that will affect the overall appearance afterward. 

However, nowadays, skincare routine is one of essential parts of beauty, and the idea is to look like yourself without adding makeup that will completely neglect and hide the tone of your skin. Cosmetics are important and you should check here to learn more about them. 

Finally, you should enhance the natural features of your skin, but for that, you have to think about it before the wedding. Therefore, proper skincare is one of the most critical factors that are creating differences among bridal makeup trends. 

  1. Soft Illumination 

Have in mind that it is similar to skincare, but apart from that, brides are avoiding and shifting from contouring processes and are using more and more illumination techniques that are becoming popular. 

Due to the highly complex procedure of contouring and highlighting specific areas, the illumination of the face is another way of presenting the touch of blush that will increase appeal.  

  1. Metallic Tones 

In the last few years, bronze tones on the eyes have become the trend that affects most brides across the globe, and it will not fade too soon if you are thinking about it.  

You have to check the latest magazines, and you will see what is going on with golden eyes perspective that took the stage and created havoc among brides nowadays. 

Therefore, it is not forbidden to add gold shimmer or sparkles that will increase your princess-like appeal, and you will feel beautiful as people are staring in you while you are walking down the aisle. 

  1. Neutral Colors and StatementMaking Lips 

If you wish to achieve a natural look, you have to think about the overall care that you are making for your skin and everything. That is why most brides are using shades of neutral browns, which got back into the scene after their popularity diminished back in the ‘90s.  

At the same time, bold and red lips are still among favorite for brides from all across the globe. We wish to see the combination of lights that are making a natural appearance, neutral eyes as well as bold lips that are creating a perfect perspective for both bride and others around. 

You should learn how to apply makeup by yourself by checking out this particular guide:

  1. Define Your Brows 

Bold brows have entered the scene, and even though back in the day they were the reason for laughing, now, brides are using numerous ways to get them to look bushy as the whole appearance perspective for wedding purposes. 

This particular trend will remain because bold brows are creating a sophisticated effect that will not go away that easily.  

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