Honeymoon is once in a lifetime affair. It is one of the rare occasions that a couple will have ample time together alone. That is of course before little blessings start running around the house demanding attention.

As such it is only natural to want the perfect romantic honeymoon.

Most brides will focus all their energy on their wedding day that they forget to plan for the honeymoon until the last minute.

Some will wait until the wedding is over to know how much money is left over for the honeymoon. This is understandable. But for others, it’s just procrastination. What they do not realize is the amount of stress they will undergo if they do not plan early for their honeymoon.

While there are no must-haves, there are some things that will make your honeymoon better. Apart from that sexy nightdress for honeymoon, other things would make your honeymoon memorable.

For starters, what you pack will highly be determined by where you will be spending your honeymoon. If you are heading to the alps, most of your luggage will be ski gear. If you are going to a place where the climate is tropical, the luggage becomes relatively smaller since you will need sundresses, light nightdresses, and bikinis.

Apart from the basic things you pack when travelling, below is a list of items that should be on the honeymoon list.

  • A sexy dinner dress: It is your honeymoon for heaven’s sake. As such, you will need a sexy dress to wear on your first night at dinner with your husband.
  • Special lingerie: This is a time to celebrate your love and the far you have come. Lovemaking will be one of the activities on your to-do list. Why not make it extra spicy by surprising your spouse with a sexy lingerie or silk nightdress?
  • Signature perfume: What another way to establish lasting memories by wearing the signature perfume that you wore to your wedding day? The same applies to shower gel.
  • A romantic playlist: Before you head off to your honeymoon destination, have a pre-selected playlist of you and your husband’s favourite tunes. Have them ready on your phone or iPod. You could also carry a small Bluetooth speaker you could take with you as you stroll by the beach.
  • Birth control: If you are not looking to start a family during your honeymoon, remember to carry birth control. The reason being, you may be travelling to a remote area where drugstores are not within reach.
  • A special outfit for you last night: The last night of your honeymoon is as important as the last one. So, why not make it a night to remember by wearing an amazing outfit that will wow your spouse? The nightdress included.
  • Reading materials: If your spouse loves reading, pick up a magazine or book that he will enjoy. If you too are into books, carry some for yourself.
  • An appropriate outfit to travel home in: Different areas have different climates. Before leaving, check the climate of your destination so that you could prepare your return outfit. There is nothing as bad as waiting for a flight in a sundress while it’s freezing.