Tips For Helping Your Piercings Heal

Having a new piercing is super exciting and can give you such a great sense of confidence. Adding to your ear stack is a great way to experiment with new jewellery and generally to show off your sense of style more, yet the healing process of piercings can be annoying, but you just need to be patient. As well as being patient, there are a few things you can do to help make sure your new piercings heal well! So let’s get into it and help you learn how to heal your piercings.

Clean with Saline Solution

Firstly, you should be cleaning your piercings twice a day with a saline solution. Your piercer will likely sell this that you can use, or you can make your own by combining 100 ml of boiling water with a quarter teaspoon of freshly ground sea salt. Let this mixture cool and then you have your homemade saline solution! This helps to flush out signs of infection or bacteria, improve circulation and generally help the healing of the area, so it is really important you do this while it’s healing. Different piercers will suggest different things, yet the common suggestion is to clean your piercings twice a day for a month, and if there are any signs of redness or infection, keep cleaning and go to see your piercer to check everything is okay.

Wear Solid Gold or Sterling Silver

Your skin is very sensitive once you’ve had a piercing, especially inside the ear where the actual piercing hole is. Because of this, cheaper metals or plated metals can cause irritation and sensitivity, which can then in turn increase the chance of infections developing and it can generally slow down the healing process. So, you should wear solid gold or sterling silver jewellery for 3-6 months after your piercing, to make sure that you aren’t causing further unnecessary risk to your piercing. You should always have your ears pierced with solid gold or sterling silver flat back earrings, so if your piercer doesn’t suggest this it’s a big red flag! We’d recommend keeping your original piercing in for around 3-6 months anyway to ensure full healing.

Listen To Your Piercer!

Our last tip is to make sure that you listen to your piercer! Take your time to find the right piercer, somewhere that is certified and experienced. Make sure that when you go in everything is properly sanitised, and this alongside certification, shows that they are safe to do the piercing. Now onto our main point, which is to make sure that you listen to your piercer! Every piercing is different, and although the advice above does go for most piercings, the best thing you can do is follow the specific advice given to you by your piercer. Follow their cleaning instructions, how long you should keep your piercing in and any other advice, as they are best positioned to know your piercing specifically! Overall, this is the best way to make sure your piercing heals safely and as quickly as possible, as how you treat tragus earrings is very different to lobe earrings!
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