Yoga became more and more popular in recent years, as a great way to tone up the body and train the mind at the same time. It has many proven physical and mental benefits.
With springtime at its peak and the beautiful weather, why not practice yoga outdoors –  for example in the park? We guarantee that your session will be 10 times better with trees surrounding you, birds singing and leaves rustling…

What are the benefits of doing yoga outdoor?

There are numerous benefits of yoga. It improves your flexibility and muscle strength,  perfects the posture, increases blood flow. And it simply makes you happier. Doing yoga outdoor is a great way to get fresh air and chill out. Spending time in nature will boost your energy levels, and the new environment will improve your confidence as a yoga practitioner. While exercising outdoors, remember to bring a yoga mat and water with you!

What yoga exercises you can do outdoor?

Of course, choose exercises that not require any equipment – in this way, you will not have to carry additional items with you to the park. We also recommend to stick to exercises and poses that you are well familiar with – you know how to to perform them and you feel safe while doing them. Apart from that, the sky is the limit – whether you wish your yoga practice to be more calming or energetic, choose your exercises accordingly.

What to wear for outdoor yoga training?

Wondering for to wear for your outdoor session? We come to help you:


Depending on the weather and your personal preferences, you can also choose yoga leggings or yoga shorts. Above all, yoga pants should not limit your movements – they should feel soft and comfortable. Yoga leggings are usually high waisted to keep your body in place while doing different poses. Comfort and support are an ultimate priority!

2. Yoga top

It’s convenient if your yoga top is made from high-quality performance materials with quick drying properties. You can choose from a multitude of styles and patterns. The most important aspect is that you feel good and not limited during the session.

3. Yoga bra

You can wear light support sports bra. Removable pads will provide you a custom fit and comfort. There are different variations of necklines and shoulder straps – sometimes very intricate and unusual.

Our favourite yoga approved brands are: Lululemon, Sweaty Betty, Jill Active and Lilybod. Check them out!

Your outfit is already picked? Challenge yourself and bring your yoga mat to the nearest park tomorrow – let’s do this together!

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