December activities outfits

December is an amazing month, full of exciting activities and busy days. Whether you are thinking about Christmas shopping, a walk through the winter fair or just going ice skating, these activities are a joy to plan. But when it comes to the outfits we wear during this time of the year, things start to get a bit more complicated. Putting together a look that will keep you warm while looking chic and also being comfortable is probably trickiest in the cold season. But we managed to find three of the most common December activities and come up with an outfit idea for each of them, so you can spare some time. Read along and prepare your winter coat, we’re going places!

Christmas Shopping

We are starting with an activity that everyone does in December. Shopping for Christmas presents is not an easy task, but it’s worth it when you see everyone’s smiles at the end. For this activity you need an outfit that is warm enough for when you are outside, but has removable layers for the crowded and warm shopping centers. You will take a breathable shirt, add a cozy sweater on top and your favorite pair of jeans. Add the boots that allow you to be comfortable while walking for a long time and don’t forget the hat and scarf. You’re all set! A great tip to make this day a little easier is making a list beforehand. Good luck!

Ice Skating

We’re moving onto a more relaxing and fun activity, and a sporty one. Whether you are a pro when it comes to ice skating, or you can barely find some balance, this is a great way to spend some quality time with your friends or family. To make your life easier while skating, you should consider lightweight clothes that are more fitted to your body and that are providing extra warmth. Layer a tank top, a turtle neck and a merino wool cardigan, add super warm leggings, a hat and some gloves and you’ve got the perfect outfit. Find your merino wool cardigan here: This way you can skate freely, stay warm and look super stylish, all at once. Instead of good luck this time, we’d better wish you: Break a leg!…or don’t.

Winter fair day

The tasteful smell of mulled wine, carols in the background, bright lights and a cheerful crowd. Winter fairs create such a magical atmosphere that pulls you in and makes you forget about the cold weather and busy schedules. For this activity you might as well dress up and take some beautiful pictures with all the attractions. Get a sweater dress, some heeled boots and a long coat, add a statement scarf to the outfit and make sure you accessorize it well. Because you’ll only be outside, the thing that matters most in this outfit is getting some snippets of it and making the coat and the scarf pop. Now all you have to do is figure out your poses and your instagram will thank you later.

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