How to do the Money dance at the Filipino Weddings?

Filipino weddings are filled with laughter and excitement. It’s always full of happy tears along with romantic moments. Further, the reception is all about involving the guests. The Filipino couples light up the dance floor with their friends and families. They take to the dance floor through the money dance. It is also known as the prosperity dance, it forms part of the Filipino traditions.

It signifies the abundance of money in the couple’s lives and they are never out of money. For all the other guests, it’s a moment of wish-giving to the new couple. The money dance differs depending on the culture too. In the Philippines, this prosperity dance is like having a competitive atmosphere at weddings. People can be seen wearing fashionable clothes for the occasion.

The party guests see Ninong and Ninang who are their godparents. During the dance ceremonies, even the caps and the crowns are made completely of money. The preparation of the dance takes place for months.

  1. How is the dance floor prepared?

When you are planning for the reception, the first question is whether the money dance is practical or symbolic. Money dance shows that money goes both ways. Firstly, it is a way of contributing to the couple’s future. Also, it is showing good fortune of the couple. All the guests are informed about the dance well in advance. The party-goers should prepare well for the same.

The choreography is straightforward. The guests line up in two queues. Everyone holds a pin and waits for their turn to dance with the couple. The couple starts by dancing in the middle of the floor. When the music is high up, even the other guests are tempted to dance along with the bride and groom.

  • Taking of money in the Step-up

The money dance surely adds to the flair at the weddings. All the guests adorn Filipino brands. You can take the money dance to the next level with the following suggestions:

  • Avoid damaging your gowns with the pins, you can take some cloth pins or paper clips in the process.
  • You can even make the people pin their money to a garland, sash, or even a crown.
  • You can even make the guests wear a garter where they can insert the money.
  • The best way is to go digital in the present times. Go cashless at the money dance with the QR screen flashing on the screens.

Eating rice cakes is a tradition of a Filipino wedding. The rice cakes are sticky meaning that the couple should always stand by each other. Further, a bouquet is given to the next girl in line. The bouquets are given for fun, so it’s not that who catches it will get married next. Rice throwing is also a custom as soon as the couple leaves the church.


There is so much in the Filipino culture and traditions waiting to amuse you. You will get a good glimpse of the festivities in various ways.