Skating is a great sport that most families love to engage in over the winter. It is a tradition for kids as young as 3 years. However, just like any other sport, it can be dangerous.

In this article, we are going to share a few tips that ensure kids remain safe as they enjoy the ice.

Let’s delve into specifics.

  • Ensure skates are well maintained

With regular use, skates become dull and skating on them can be life-threatening.  As such, it is recommended to sharpen them at least 15 hours of skating.

When sharpening skate blades, make sure it is done by a professional. For instance, Riedell figure skates need to be sharpened at figure skating clubs or anywhere else that specialize in them while the same can be done at the rink for other skates.

Apart from good maintenance, make sure your kids are wearing properly fitting skates to give proper ankle support.

  • Always wear a helmet

One of the most important safety precautions is wearing a helmet. When getting helmets for your kids, purchase those approved by the American Safety Association. These are of high quality and can be purchased from the same places where skates are sold.

  • Teach them the basics

To get your children to become good in skating, start by teaching them the basics of skating. Just as you taught them to walk and talk, you could teach them how to skate before sending them to skate on their own or with their friends.

You could begin with teaching them a two-foot glide. This is especially important to the younger children as they trust you. From there, you could teach them how to stop.

Once they have mastered the basics is when you can move on to more complex moves.

Additionally, guardians should practice safe skating with their little ones. For starters, younger kids should always be accompanied on the rink, preferably, skate side by side with them. If you opt to hold their hands while skating counter-clockwise, make sure your child is on your right side.

  • Check the safety of the rinks

Before taking your kids to an ice rink, make sure it is safe.

To ensure maximum safety, encourage you kids to make use of private indoor skating rinks. The reason being, most of these private rinks make use of Zambonis to flood the ice. What’s more, indoor ice rinks have smoother surfaces as compared to outdoor rinks. Also, they have side boards that minimize falls and ensure kids are safe.

  • Skating lessons

As much as most guardians would want to be a part of their children’s skating journey, professional lessons are invaluable.

Most skating professionals have studied skating and have in-depth knowledge in the sport. So, they have better understanding and easily teach basic moves in technical detail. Additionally, they can easily identify incorrect moves as the children learn, allowing them to correct these habits as soon as possible.

So, to ensure your children learn skating and have an enjoyable time doing so, sign them up for skating lesson. 

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