Spray Tanning Vs. Tanning Bed. How to choose between the two?

Tanning is, for sure, a fantastic way to enhance the beauty and bring that sun-kissed glow on the skin. Thanks to modern innovations, there are now several alternatives to tanning. From tanning beds to UV tanning, self-tanners to spray tanning, one can choose from any technique and get effortlessly flawless tanned skin.

Amongst all the tanning methods, spray tanning and UV tanning are the most sought-after techniques. Most tanning salons and spas offer vertical tanning bed and automated spray tanning services. Tanners often have to make a tough choice between UV tanning bed and spray tanning. Since both the tanning methods are different and offer different results, one must know how they are different from making an informed decision.

Differences between spray tanning and UV tanning

#1 Spray Tanning is Safer Alternative

People have been basking under the sun to achieve that sun-kissed glow on their skin for ages. However, studies have indicated that sun tanning poses risks like skin disease and cancer. Spray tanning and UV tanning beds have become some of the best sunless tanning alternatives.

In a UV tanning bed, the skin is tanned with UV radiation that darkens the skin. The bed has tanning lamps through which the UV light is emitted. The rays penetrate the skin and help it active melanin which gives the skin golden glow. However, in a UV tanning bed, the UV rays harm the skin.

On the other hand, spray tanning is safe as there is no use of UV rays. In spray tanning, tanning solution is used instead of UV rays, making the process risk free and harmless.

#2 Spray tanning is Cost-effective

Tanning cost is a determining factor when choosing the tanning technique. On average, a spray tanning session may cost around $40-$50. Since spray tanning result often lasts for one week, it’s a cheaper alternative. 

UV tanning bed sessions cost around $15. However, one has to take multiple sessions to achieve the desired tan shade. Till the time you have that sun-kissed glow, you might be down by $100 already.

#3 Spray Tan looks Natural

Every tanner desires to have a flawlessly, even looking tan. Both UV tanning beds and spray tan are designed to offer a naturalistic tanned look.

In UV tanning beds, the device replicates the sun tanning process allowing one to experience natural suntan. However, if not used properly, the tanning bed may cause sunburn or skin redness.

Spray tanning, on the other hand, is done with the help of a tanning applicator. The tanning mist is sprayed on the skin and allowed to rest. Since the operator has full control over the spray solution flow, this method offers even skin coverage. Thus, spray tan gives a flawless and natural golden glow to the skin.

#4 Preparation of the skin

Whether you choose to go for spray tanning or slim sculpt services, you will have to prepare your body for the process. It’s always recommended to follow all the instructions your beautician gives you before undergoing the tanning session.

As compared to a UV tanning bed, when taking spray tanning session, one has to take extensive skincare measures like exfoliation, shaving, etc.