Want to Make a Credit Card? Come on, Learn How!

Don’t have a credit card yet? How to make a credit card is very easy, you know!

In fact, you can directly apply for a credit card online, without having to come to a bank branch office.

i have a prepared series of easy steps that you must follow to create a credit card. Come on, see more!

When Should You Make a Credit Card?


Before knowing how to make a credit card skins, you need to know in advance the reasons why you need this card.

The reason is, if not used wisely, a credit card can actually be a disaster for you.

Transaction requires

Make a credit card when there is a transaction that requires you to pay with that card.

Some examples of cases are when shopping online at global companies.

Visa or Mastercard credit cards can usually be used for any transactions at foreign companies. Your transactions become more practical, safe, and reliable.

Knowing it’s uses

Be aware that the use of this card is for emergencies only, not for everyday use.

Even though expenses will be recorded and reported, still distinguish the use of a credit card from a debit card as usual, OK?

Also learn about the ins and outs of the credit card from the selected bank, from the amount of interest in the installments to other regulations that may be legally binding.


Even though you can make a credit card before work, try to apply for a credit card yourself when your income has stabilized.

Don’t use a credit card with a monthly limit greater than the salary you get.

The reason is, if you can’t pay, there will be sanctions that must be paid.

How to Make a Credit Card


How to make a credit card is fairly easy. You can do it online or offline. 

To apply for a credit card online, you can directly visit the website of the bank you want to go to.

Prepare the required documents, follow the steps, then wait for news whether your application has been accepted by the bank. Very easy, right?

If you prefer to come directly to the bank and apply for a credit card face to face, don’t worry.

Here’s how to make a credit card offline:

1. Prepare the required documents

Before visiting the bank, you need to prepare the required documents needed to apply for a credit card.

The bank can also ask for a photocopy of the credit card along with the last month’s bills, if you already have a credit card.

2. Visit the branch office of the selected bank

After preparing the required documents, the next step is to visit the branch office of your chosen bank.

When you get there, take the queue number to meet with customer service (CS).

State the purpose of your visit, then ask any questions you might want to know before starting the submission process.

Some questions that might be asked are what type of credit card is right for you, how much interest is charged, annual fees, what rewards are offered, and other questions.

3. Fill out the form and submit the requirements

After that, CS will provide a form that you must fill in completely.

If you have filled out completely, submit the form and also the required documents to the intended party.

After that, your file will be recorded and processed by the bank.

4. Interview process

If your file has been processed, there will be an interview session with the bank.

Questions asked will relate to personal data on forms, required documents, and other questions related to credit card applications.

Some examples of questions that might be asked and you should prepare answers are:

  • “Why do you need a credit card?”
  • “Do you have other installments besides a credit card? Are you able to pay the specified interest?”

The answers to these questions will determine whether you get the proposed credit card or not.

It is possible that your application will be accepted by the bank, however, with a lower monthly limit because it is adjusted to your income and financial capabilities.

5. Waiting for news

After the interview is over, you just need to wait for news.

If your credit card application is accepted or rejected, the bank will contact you immediately to let you know.

So, there is no need to contact the bank many times if there is no news. Except, you didn’t hear back for over two weeks.

6. Confirm

If your application is accepted, the bank will confirm your availability to make a credit card.

After that, the credit card will be sent directly to your home address.

The time for making and sending cards depends on each bank.

That’s how to make a credit card online and offline that you can follow along with an explanation of when you have to make this card.

Credit cards do offer various kinds of conveniences, but remember to use them wisely, OK?

Don’t let the peg be bigger than the stake, then end up having trouble paying the bill.


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